Study plan

Opera and operette



Staging and dramaturgy


4 months – 1 semester

Obligatory courses

1h x week - Opera repertoire – Anna Sushon (10 hours per semester)

3h x week - Scene and bodywork – Leonard Prinsloo (30 hours per semester)

2 x Month or 2 hours x month, Recitative -Giuseppe Montesano (5 hours per semester)

2 units of 3 hours x Month, Ensemble - Eugenji Chevkenov (24 Stunden per Semester)

Elective courses


Dialogues (for Operettas)

Musical Theatre, Singers


Leonard Prinsloo, stage directing and Choreography

Petra Szalony, speech training/Dialogue


1 unit of 3 weekly hours.  Scene and body movement - Leonard Prinsloo (30 hours per semester)

1 unit of 2 hours Dialogue und speech training (20 hours per semester)

Stage Directors


Leonard Prinsloo, Staging (30 hours per semester)

Faculty of Richard Wagner Konservatorium, Singing(16 hours per semester)

Anna Sushon /Eugeniy Chevkenov/Giuseppe Montesano, Ensemble (20 hours per semester)

+ apprenticeship at the Plusopera Productions and Scenes concerts of the Plusoperaacademy


Musical coaches

Piano vocal accompaniment and Partitura reading, Anna Sushon (20 hours per semester)

Recitatives, Giuseppe Montesano (10 hours per semester)

Vocal performance (10 hours per semester), faculty of the Richard Wagner Konservatorium


+10 hours accompaniment at the scenic and musical rehearsals